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#PB10for10 on Google+

Last year, I discovered a community on Google+ called Picture Book 10 for 10. It's a site where, twice a year, members share 10 favorite picture books on a theme of their choosing. #pb10for10 happens in August, and #nf10for10 (focused on nonfiction) happens in February. Naturally, I had to join and participate!

Yesterday was the day, and I wasn't sure what theme I wanted to use for my books. This morning, I had the idea to select 10 picture book biographies for STEM classes. Yes, these are nonfiction, but that's where my expertise and passion lies -- and I use them in my own teaching! Last year, my 4th and 5th grade students had the option to participate in a project that required them to read a picture book biography of a scientist and create a mobile. As you can see in the pictures, they did some beautiful work and enjoyed an after school movie to celebrate!

I like to create my booklists on Padlet - it is a nice visual presentation of the titles. I'm planning to show this to students when I kick off the challenge this year. You can see the titles below, or visit the actual Padlet itself.

And in case you are curious, here's my nonfiction submission from this past February, 10 Great Picture Books About the Nature of Science:

I hope these titles provide some inspiration as you start a new school year! Do you have any favorite titles I should know about?

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