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Join Me for a Book Study

Want to learn more about using science notebooks in your classroom? Consider joining me for an online exploration of Science Notebooks in Student-Centered Classrooms. This virtual book study, co-hosted by Kate Soriano, NSTA Standards Implementation Specialist, and myself, will run for four sessions in June. During the interactive sessions, we'll discuss:

  • Why science notebooks.

  • What notebook philosophy best supports phenomenon-driven, three-dimensional teaching and learning.

  • How to get started with a science notebooking practice.

While Science Notebooks was written for elementary teachers, this book study will expand to include examples and strategies for grades K-12. The overall premise and philosophy behind notebooks remains the same: a place for student sensemaking, a record of learning and growth, and a rich source of formative assessment data.

I look forward to learning with you in June!


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