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Notable Notebooks and Story Time From Space

Some terribly exciting news came yesterday -- the video of Notable Notebooks being read from the International Space Station was finally up on the Story Time From Space web site!

I have been (im)patiently waiting for this since the launch back in August. I had hoped that the video would have been finished for the NSTA conference last week, but it was worth waiting for! I love the layout of the video and how they animated some of the illustrations to make it really come alive! Of course, the opening shot of the book floating in the space station and Joseph Acaba (the astronaut who read it aloud) floating off screen at the end are pretty cool, too!

When I was at NSTA last week, I discovered that Notable Notebooks had a cool new addition to its cover! Can you spot it?

Notable Notebooks cover

I still can't quite believe that this actually happened at that my little book has actually orbited the Earth. I can't thank my editors at NSTA Press or the people at Story Time From Space enough for this amazing opportunity.

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